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    Lets get creative! I enjoy the creative process and working with people to turn ideas into pixels people want to look at.

Search engines and SEO

Integrating modern technologies like HTML5, RDF and metadata tags into your website design and development offer more relevant results without limiting searches to just keywords (traditional Google search would be called “keyword search” as opposed to a semantic search). The old rules no longer apply.
If you want to be found, social is no longer an option.

Learn more about: Semantic Web


Web design, Print design, Logo design.
Semantic Markup with Tableless Design


Java, JavaScript, PHP, Mysql, HTML5, CSS3
and some Ruby on Rails

About Me

I'm just a guy who likes to play with pixels.
Fine Art Photographer

Create strong designs with less, that’s what I strive for in my work.

I am passionate about great design and take great pride in what I create. Striking and stable visual design is what first draws one's attention to a website or print ad.

I always ensure to design websites so it will adapt for smartphones, tablets and desktops. A well designed website always encourages people to come back again and again.

The mobile era is here. Having a website that displays well across the myriad of handheld devices is something that every business should consider.

Along with the fact I apply the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards you can be assured your website will behave correctly across all browsers and platforms. I also always ensure to apply the most search engine friendly development methods as possible. I always measure, test, rework and improve on my development plans. This ensures the most engaging, user friendly and effective website is created.

Hi, I’m Gurpreet Dhillon. By trade I am a software developer with a passion for simplicity and details. Minimalist who believes that less is more.

I’m based in Hign Point, North Carolina, where I have completed a Master degree in Computer Science after completing Bachelor degree in Computer Applications. My current weapon of choice is Python, but I believe in using the best available tool for the job.

I am also involved in intensive research on Semantic Web technologies, i.e., how www future might look like and I use data to make the world a better place.